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Mentorship Trios

Exciting opportunity for mentorship....

Join an ISLES peer mentorship trio! Looking for a peer to chat with about some questions or frustrations in your position? Hoping to get inspired by how others handle similar issues or concerns? Want to share your own experience with someone else in a similar role? Want to meet some fun new colleagues who can help you navigate the ups and downs that we all experience in this role?

ISLES peer mentorship trios are designed to bring together three ISLES members to support each other, share ideas and resources, and be critical friends.

Our peer mentorship guidelines are:

  • We’d like you to meet three-four times a year to chat, connect, and support one another. Of course, if you’d like your trio can arrange as many meetings as you find helpful!

  • We expect professional confidentiality, which includes assuming positive intent and keeping information from the mentorship conversations confidential. If you hear something that is a safeguarding concern or is harmful to students, staff members, or families, we ask that you talk to the person, and if needed, reach out to an ISLES board member for consultation.

  • And we’ll ask you for some feedback on the mentorship groups along the way so that we can improve our systems for future years.

Interested in being part of a trio? Click below to let us know!



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