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ISLES is an international group of leaders of student support who work together to advance higher quality student support within the international school system and support one another as we strategically develop support programs in international schools around the world.


How We Started

The idea for ISLES was conceived when a small group of directors of student support got together in April 2019 to share experiences and seek collaboration. The idea of a summit followed and the group of motivated leaders began planning the RtI for International Schools Summit 2019. At the end of that successful weekend of learning, a larger group of inspired leaders gathered with the goal of creating a network of professionals who could advocate for a set of standards that would drive higher quality student support in international schools. ISLES was officially launched in February 2020.

The Collaborative grew out of a need to connect leaders encountering similar challenges of program development and related strategic work. We often find ourselves alone in our schools, without colleagues in our schools who can engage in systems thinking and program development of Learning Support systems and structures.

RtI for International Schools Summit in Singapore (October 2019) was the beginning of the movement to establish a network of international educators interested in high quality support and core instruction for all students. The Summit was a huge success and we received so much positive feedback, we were encouraged to continue this annual event.

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