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ISLES Special Guest Workshop: A Conversation with Katie Novak on Equitable MTSS

On Thursday, 14th September, we were thrilled to be joined by so many passionate educators from all over the world as Katie Novak, Ed.D. unpacked MTSS with us, how it differs from RTI (Response to Intervention), the evidence-based practices to consider, and the drivers we, as leaders, should understand in order to create a MTSS in our schools.

This was a truly relevant and practical session, regardless of where we each were on our MTSS journey. Each of us walked away with food for thought, as we consider the ingredients that we may look out for in creating truly equitable learning environments for all of our students in our schools. Missed out? The conversation can be viewed here. (Password is Cd2EH6s1.)

Special thanks to our ISLES Professional Learning Team and Katie Novak for this inspiring evening!

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