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Announcing MTSS Self Assessment for International Schools

Have you ever wondered to what extent your school is implementing MTSS with fidelity? What does this mean and how would you know? As a follow-up to the International MTSS Online Forum Series, we have partnered with the American Institutes for Research (AIR) to offer the opportunity to engage in a self-paced professional learning and self-reflection process, a way for international schools to self-assess on their MTSS implementation using a research-validated tool. This opportunity has been customized for international schools currently implementing either a Response-to-Intervention (RtI) or MTSS model.

Registration for this self-reflection process is free and we only ask that you commit to follow through with all five steps of this process.


Register and Commit

After learning about this opportunity, we hope you will register to participate! Registration is free; in return, we only ask that you commit to following through with all five steps of this process. Once you register, you will be sent a private webpage with all of the links and information.


Stop, Watch, and Score

Divisional school teams, composed of representatives from leadership, homeroom and specialist teachers, as well as support providers should first complete the MTSS fidelity rubric individually. When you receive the rubric, you will note there are video tutorials linked within each section where Dr. Tessie Rose Bailey, Director of MTSS Center, presents considerations for scoring.


Build Consensus through Conversation

After each member of the scoring team completes Step 2, the team should meet to discuss and come to consensus on their team score. Rather than average the individual scores, this process is meant to facilitate greater understanding and conversation.


Gain Clarity from the Community

Once your school team has gone through the process of individually scoring and coming to consensus on most section scores, we ask you to pose your remaining questions to Dr. Tessie Rose Bailey in a live audience. There will be various sessions on offer in May and June to accommodate all time zones.


Follow Through and Submit

In an effort to guide our IMS professional learning efforts and summarize the level of MTSS implementation currently taking place within the international school system, we ask that you submit your scores at the end of this process. Please note, school information will not be taken other than demographic variables.



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